About us

We are a group of very good friends who love spending time outdoors – hiking, biking, running, canoeing, cross-country skiing, climbing, travelling, camping, you name it. We never stay at one place and always move from places to places, just like the nomads do.

We have decided that we would like to help you experience the same joy as we do on our trips. We want to make it easy for you to discover breath-taking sites in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, build unforgettable memories and make new friends. And sometimes even to push your limits.

Our team

Andrej Lobotka

Born in Slovakia. Moved to the Czech Republic 14 years ago (first to Brno, then to Prague and back to Brno again, after that back to Prague). How would I describe myself? I would probably use the words such as lawyer, book lover, hurling player, passionate hiker and traveller. I appreciate a quiet evening spent with friends and beer, a rainy night hike in the mountains or a night in a sleeping bag under the starry sky. Over the past few years, I have organized many trips for myself and my friends (hiking and camping trips, pilgrimages, canoeing and rafting trips etc.). Together with Michal and Yuliya, we have decided to help others to experience the same joy as we do on our trips. That is the reason why we founded Nomad Society.

Michal Vénos

Shaped under the rigs of Low Tatras. During studies in Brno I fell in love with Czech Republic even though I tried to live in Germany 2 times, in the end I always come back. I’m outdoorsy, chatty and sarcastic humour. Love to spend time out in the nature, it doesn’t matter if it is hiking, biking or during winter on skies. When I’m stuck in the city I enjoy commuting on the bike and when I have free time I love to play beach volleyball or play hurling. I love exploring new places and I would like to share this passion under Nomad Society.

Yuliya Moskvina

I come from Siberia, where it is indeed cold in the winter. No bears or wolves pacing down the streets though. However, there is some truth in traditions of preferring vodka to other liquids (I have been asked this question so many times, I feel the pressure to make things clear from the beginning). I have grown up near the forest and that is why I love nature and calm from my childhood. In my real life, I have been studying sociology, dance, doing yoga and meditation seated on a chair because my knees hurt. I have travelled and hiked in Russia, East and West, climbed some mountains and got scared on ferrates, enjoyed amazing time with my friends and beloved near the fire at night in the forest, explored places I thought I would never visit and saw the views which still appear in my mind when I close the eyes. All this experience I wish to you also, this made me a part of Nomad Society. As the dude from the film Into the Wild told “happiness is only real when shared”. Hope to see you soon!