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Ferrata Hluboká

A via ferrata is a protected climbing route found in the Alps and certain other locations. It is a climbing route that employs steel cables, rungs or ladders, fixed to the rock to which the climbers affix a harness with two leashes, which allows the climbers to secure themselves to the metal fixture and limitContinue reading “Ferrata Hluboká”

Devín Castle

Devín Castle

Devín Castle is located in Devín, a borough of Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. It towers over the confluence of the Danube and the Morava rivers which form the border with Austria. This site at the confluence of the Danube and Moravia has been settled since prehistoric times. Devín was part of Limes Romanus after theContinue reading “Devín Castle”

The Vrtba Garden

The Vrtba Garden is situated on the slope of Petřín Hill and is one of the most precious and beautiful of Prague’s Baroque gardens. Three other Baroque gardens (Vratislav, Schönborn and Lobkowicz) are situated nearby. The garden was created thanks to the clever solution of František Maximilian Kaňka, who first renovated the palace for JanContinue reading “The Vrtba Garden”


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