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The High Tatras

Last week we visited The High Tatras, a mountain range along the border of northern Slovakia in the Prešov Region, and southern Poland in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship. The High Tatras, having 29 peaks over 2,500 metres MSL are, with the Southern Carpathians, the only mountain ranges with an alpine character and habitats in theContinue reading “The High Tatras”

¡viva autostop! or hitchhiking manual for the covid pandemia and beyond

Covid pandemic restricted many spheres of our lives and brought major changes in the way we travel. While some of us remained home, others were hopping from one open state to another, sometimes getting stuck for months waiting for open borders. Hitchhiking might seem to be an obvious victim of the recent developments. Before goingContinue reading “¡viva autostop! or hitchhiking manual for the covid pandemia and beyond”

The Průhonice Castle

The Průhonice Park

The Průhonice Park along with Průhonice Castle are a Czech National Historic Landmark and a UNESCO World Heritage site. The current appearance of the Průhonice Castle dates to the late 19th century. The natural park (area of 250 hectares) was founded in 1885 by Count Arnošt Emanuel Silva-Tarouca who took advantage of the miscellaneous valley ofContinue reading “The Průhonice Park”


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