Public tours

Bezděz Castle and Mácha’s Way
Sat, 1 Oct 2022

We start the day with a trip on a historical train that is maintained by a group of local Czech enthusiasts. We go to Bezděz Castle. After climbing the hill, we take a path through the picturesque forest. The path we will take was one of the favorite paths of the famous Czech romantic poet – Karel Mácha. Mácha was famous not only for his poems but also for his passion for hiking. We follow the path he used to walk. The path was named after him – Máchova cesta (Mácha’s path). We continue to Břehyňský pond and through the swamps towards the Máchovo lake. Picturesque views are guaranteed for those who will be willing to climb steep lookouts. In the afternoon we take the same historical train back to Prague.

Camino de Santiago: from Praha to Karlštejn

Camino de Santiago: from Prague to Karlštejn
Sat, 8 Oct 2022

A lovely hike on the ridges of the protected landscape area Bohemian Karst (Český Kras) with amazing views on a picturesque Berounka river valley and Brdy Highlands. We start our trip at Radotín where we join The Way of St. James, specifically the part of Camino de Santiago called The Všeruby Way. A short stop for lunch will be made close to a beautiful lookout over Karlík village (little after midday, so be sure to have some small snack) where, if the weather allows, we will make a campfire and enjoy typical Czech tradition loved by everyone – cooking sausages over the fire (on a stick).

Bohemian Paradise: Hrubá Skála
Sat, 15 Oct 2022

The protected landscape area Bohemian Paradise is a nature reserve about 90 km north-east of Prague. This time we want to take you to the area called Hruboskalsko. You will discover there Valdštejn castle, Hrubá Skála castle, symbolic climber cemetery, many spectacular viewpoints giving you a stunning panorama of rock city. You will enjoy the remarkable beauty of the landscape and numerous historic landmarks, bizarre rock formations and deep pine forests.

One of the most recognizable elements of Bohemian Paradise is the sandstone rock.
Karlstejn castle, Czech Republic

Karlštejn, Big America Quarry and St. John under the Cliff
Sat, 22 Oct 2022

We will start the hike in the village that lies at the foot of the Karlštejn castle, the most famous and most frequently visited castle in the Czech Republic. We will walk past the castle and continue to Little America Quarry, Mexico Quarry and Big America Quarry. Big America is the largest of three limestone quarries. We will finish the hike at St. John under the Cliff, a picturesque little village with rich history hidden under numerous cliffs and rocks.

Camino de Santiago: from Křivoklát to Nižbor
Sat, 29 Oct 2022

We start the hike with a visit to one of the most complex and beautiful castles in the Czech Republic – Křivoklát. From the castle we take a long path to the city called Nižbor. The path is a part of the Czech Camino de Santiago (called Železná Way). We pass small villages and fields and finish our journey in the local bar called Zastávka. The exterior and interior of this bar will surprise you, as well as the story behind it and amazing food and beer – for those who deserved it after 18 kilometers of walking.

Maj lookout, Czech Republic

The Máj lookout and St. John’s rapids
Sat, 5 Nov 2022

We start the hike at lookout Máj from which you can enjoy one of the most iconic views of the Vltava river meanders. We will continue along the Teletín waterfalls down to the river bank. The second half of the hike we will discover St. John’s rapids (Svatojánské proudy), a former stretch of fast flowing water on the Vltava. During the hike we will also visit a former tramp settlement called Lost Hope and the first official tourist path on the territory of the Czech Republic.