Public tours

Devil's Heads

Devil’s Heads and other sculptures of V. Levý
Sat, 4 Feb 2023

Čertovy hlavy (The Devil’s Heads) are a pair of 9 metre high rock sculptures near the village of Želízy. They were created by Václav Levý in 1841–1846. It is a unique work in the Czech Republic. They are the second largest carved heads in the world, after the carvings of Mount Rushmore in the United States. We will visit not only The Devil’s Heads but also other sculptures that Václav Levý created in the area.

Bohemian Paradise: Hrubá Skála
Sat, 11 Feb 2023

The protected landscape area Bohemian Paradise (in Czech Český ráj) is a nature reserve about 90 km north-east of Prague. This time we want to take you to the area called Hruboskalsko. You will discover there Valdštejn castle, Hrubá Skála castle, symbolic climber cemetery, many spectacular viewpoints giving you a stunning panorama of rock city. You will enjoy the remarkable beauty of the landscape and numerous historic landmarks, bizarre rock formations and deep pine forests.

One of the many spectacular views.

Saxon Switzerland National Park
Sat, 18 Feb 2023

Saxon Saxon Switzerland National Park is situated in the centre of a natural area of almost 710 km². During the journey we will discover its Eastern part. We start in a tiny spa town of Bad Schandau, pass the town of Postelwitz and take the Malerweg route – the most picturesque path in the area of Elbe Standstown mountains. We enjoy the breathtaking views of Schrammsteine rocks, climb Großer Winterberg mountain (556 m.a.s.l.) and finish in Schmilka town where we take bus back to Bad Schandau and then train back to Prague.

Camino de Santiago: from Křivoklát to Nižbor
Sat, 25 Feb 2023

We start the hike with a visit to one of the most complex and beautiful castles in the Czech Republic – Křivoklát. From the castle we take a long path to the city called Nižbor. The path is a part of the Czech Camino de Santiago (called Železná Way). We pass small villages and fields and finish our journey in the local bar called Zastávka. The exterior and interior of this bar will surprise you, as well as the story behind it and amazing food and beer – for those who deserved it after 18 kilometers of walking.

Camino de Santiago: from Praha to Karlštejn

Camino de Santiago: from Prague to Karlštejn
Sat, 4 March 2023

A lovely hike on the ridges of the protected landscape area Bohemian Karst with amazing views on a picturesque Berounka river valley and Brdy Highlands. We start our trip at Radotín where we join The Way of St. James, specifically the part called The Všeruby Way. We will wander around Černošice and Vonoklasy. Second part of the hike is filled with a lovely rural landscape at the plateau behind the village Mořinka and national natural preserve Karlštejn. The Všeruby Way leads all the way to the Karlštejn castle, the most famous and most frequently visited castle in the Czech Republic.