Public tours

Prague Travel MeetUp
Thur, 25 Aug 2022

Prague Travel Meetup is an event created for the travel lovers. Because it really is possible to meet people who do not think you are crazy for leaving your country, family and friends and starting a new life in a different place without a return ticket. The goal of the event is to have a drink together, share experiences and information about our countries and travels.

Devil’s Heads and other sculptures of V. Levý
Sat, 3 Sep 2022

Čertovy hlavy (The Devil’s Heads) are a pair of 9 metre high rock sculptures near the village of Želízy. They were created by Václav Levý in 1841–1846. It is a unique work in the Czech Republic. They are the second largest carved heads in the world, after the carvings of Mount Rushmore in the United States. We will visit not only The Devil’s Heads but also other sculptures that Václav Levý created in the area.